Four Nines 999.9 Eyewear Glasses Titanium Japanese

999.9 (Four Nines) Eyewear, established and hand crafted in Japan since 1995.

Vision Studio Optometrists is a premium authorised dealer for Four Nines, 999.9 eyewear, available in both optical and sunglasses range for both men and women.

Built with highest grade of Titanium, combined with GYAKU-R / Reverse R hinge, 999.9’s revolutionary eyewear hinge with spring effect, greatly reduces the stress applied to the wearer and provide ultimate comfort. 

From “frame” to become “eyeglasses,” Four Nines values those steps needed to complete our creations. High quality product, people who own adequate knowledge and skills to express dedication put into creation of a single piece , and the stage that connects us and the customers, when all of these important factors become concrete at a higher level, satisfaction can be obtained from completion of eyeglasses. And the qualified follow-up is ensured for your lasting comfort on daily use.