TOMATO GLASSES is a story about the love of a parent for their child and the extremes they have gone to, to find perfect solution.

Frames for every young adventurer.


A flexible and firm fit.

Tomato Glasses are made from non-toxic FDA approved Swiss-sourced TR90 which allows for their stability. The sturdy material is specifically designed to ensure that the frames are flexible, display strong elasticity and are incredibly durable. If any breakage occurs, individual parts can be replaced instead of the whole frame.


Adjustable nosepiece.

All Tomato Glasses have three different nose pad height settings to accomodate for every sized nose. For children with more solid nose bridges, the nose pad can also be removed completely for a comfortable fit.

The Baby range is more specialised and sports five different nose pad settings.


Comfortable and light.

Weighing between 6g to 9g, Tomato Glasses are very lightweight which makes these frames comfortable for sensitive faces. The soft ear tips are designed specifically to mimic the curvature of the ear which prevents uncomfortable pressure on the back of the head. Tomato Glasses are also soft enough for young children to sleep in.

detachable headstrap.jpg

A detachable headband.

Tomato Glasses include a detachable headband which can easily and securely be attached at the back of the ear tips. The headband is adjustable and soft enough to be worn with children who are particularly sensitive to any pressure on the back of the head.

The headband also allows children to wear these glasses as sports glasses, as a substitute for goggles.


Adjustable temples.

Temple lengths are specially made to be adjusted and tailor-fitted to each child when they receive their glasses. However, we understand that children (and their faces) grow - so these glasses are made to grow with the child. Temple lengths are designed to be moved backwards, lengthened and then re-secured.


A take home tool kit.

Tomato Glasses equips you with your very own ‘fix-it’ kit for any at-home breakages. Each kit includes:

  • 2 x spare nosepads

  • 1 x headband

  • 2 x spare ear tips

  • 1 x screwdriver

  • spare screws

Parents or carers are also able to make any adjustments at home to lengthen temples or remove nose pads.

Children can now leave these spectacles on, with amazing success and great comfort. Tomato glasses
are frames that fic to a child’s face rather than the child fitting to them.
We, Tomato Glasses, will continue to make children’s frames so that we can make children and their
parents happy.